Welcome to Sprint Internet Services

Based in Kent, England, Sprint Internet Services [SiS] provides successful websites, good design and reliable services for customers around the world. Specialising in the SME market we work with clients that want more than just an online presence that delivers results 24/7. We take care of all the technical aspects of being online, registering domain names, managing the web hosting and providing full support when needed.

Design without compromise, we work with clients 1-to-1 our goal is to create a brand that delivers your products or services to your target audience. Using clean, clear and great design. In Print, Web, Video, you stand out and are memorable to new and existing customers.

 Marketing on and off line, making your brand visible generating visitors to your site. We work with you to turn visitors into loyal customers that buy from you time and time again. Using S.E.O, PayPerClick, Advertising, Social Media, Affiliates, Newsletters, Q Codes and more.
sprint screenDeveloping systems adding functionality and extending your website beyond the PC on to Phones, Tablets and TV screens. Extending the website beyond social media, beyond Apps. Don’t get left behind as technology moves on we will move you with it.


Newsletter Marketing Solution

The solution for your newsletter marketing needs, easy to use templates,

multiple list groups, full tracking and management

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