About us

Company Info – Where we started. Sprint Internet Services started providing services in 2008. Sprint Internet was the effective merger of Kentmedia which started in August 1997 and Sprint Hosting which started after several small mergers in 2005.

By consolidating in this way we reduced much of our internal paperwork and administration we also merged hosting facilities reducing operating costs. All to the benefit of customers who now have a single online point of contact for all their services another bonus to customers is we have reduced many costs making our service even more competitive in a crowded marketplace.

Philosophy & Mission

The philosophy of the company is to provide a reliable and professional service, to be honest with customers about expectations, timescale’s and costs’.

Our mission is every project is an opportunity to do new exciting work which will enhance your business dynamically.

We have more than 30 years of new media design experience to draw on when working on any project. How do we work, click here for more..