Service Level Agreement


An important part of choosing your hosting provider is the level of service that you receive from your chosen company. The lowest price is not always the best if it means sacrificing speed of bandwidth, quick reboots and support staff who know what they are talking about.

At Sprint we pride ourselves on the highest levels of quality and customer service, to give our customers peace of mind we have a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The two major points of our Service Level Agreement are:-

  • 99.9% connectivity and network uptime!
  • Bandwidth guarantee


99.9% Connectivity and Network Uptime

We guarantee that our connectivity will be available at least 99.9% of the time (even though we are normally available 100% of the time).

Sprint availability guarantee ensures Internet connectivity is provided to Sprint customers 99.9% of the time and, as set forth below; Sprint will credit Customer’s account if Sprint fails to meet this Network Uptime Guarantee during any given calendar month. At customer’s request, Sprint will calculate Customer’s “Network Unavailability” in a calendar month. “Network Unavailability” consists of the number of minutes that the Sprint Network was not available to the customer, but will not include unavailability which Customer fails to report to Sprint within seven days, or any unavailability resulting from

  • Scheduled Sprint Network Maintenance,
  • any Customer owned/maintained circuits or equipment failure,
  • Customer’s applications or equipment,
  • acts or omissions of use by the Customer
  • any use or user of the service authorized by Customer or reasons of Force Majeure.


Many companies offer this but not many have gone to the extent of having a fully redundant gigabit switched network, many separate backbone providers, redundant routers and fibre coming in at multiple points to the building.

Should we fail this promise and our network is unavailable for more than 99.9% in any full calendar month then we will refund one (1) day of service for every hour of connectivity that has been unavailable over and above 99.9% of that month. This guarantee extends in value up to a maximum of your monthly subscription charge.

Bandwidth Guarantee

Many providers oversell their bandwidth, this means that if all their customers started to use more bandwidth then they would not have the capacity to handle this and as a result your servers would be very difficult and slow to access.

At Sprint we guarantee that we have a 1:1 contention ratio on bandwidth. This means that we will always have enough bandwidth to service every single customer at their full capacity.

Providing Support

Our preferred support medthod is by email and we request at least 2 email address be available to us should we need to contact a customer. Our support time from first notification to resolution of an issue is usually about 2 hours, with many small issues resolved within 30 minutes.