Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O)

search engine optimisation sprintWe can put together a comprehensive one-off report or we can look at developing a more effective system of tracking and reporting visitors to your website. Unlike any previous form of advertising we can deliver validated results and show how effective your website is.

If you are serious about your online presence and want the web to work for you, then using all the information available on tracking visitors is vital to your success.

Standard SEO service

  • Focusing our 10 Point system on all top level pages (up to 12)
  • Multipage indexing with Google verification
  • Sitemap creation and submission
  • XML site map and submission to Yahoo/Bing

Oneoff Fee

Please contact us with the web address of the site you would like us to do this for.
This is sufficient for a web site up to 12 pages with little monthly changing content, it would only need to be reviewed every 3 or 6 months.

Monthly SEO service

  • As Standard SEO
  • CONTENT focused SEO
  • Google Analytics Reports as below
  • Monthly Fees. Bing Reporting is an optional extra.

Please contact us with the web address of the site you would like us to do this for.
This is sufficient for a web site 12 to 20 pages with monthly changing content.

Successful SEO leads to higher visibility which means more people will be able to click on the site link and visit your website.

Just some examples of the  great seo results we have achieved for clients

National & Local Search Terms Page Average
powered trolley 1 5
golf trolley repairs 1 3
legal recruitment manchester 1 6
hair salon canterbury 1 2
herbalist kent 1 1
web hosting kent 1 4
golf shop kent 1 3
wedding planner ashford 1 5
wedding flowers ashford 1 3


SEO deeplinking/indexing

If the site has several sub menus or categories our 10 point system can be applied we can then index deeper pages and content within the web site.
Optional on Standard and Monthly from £75.00 each sub menu/category as required.

SEO Analytics Features

Advanced Segmentation: Isolate and analyse subsets of your traffic. Select from predefined custom segments such as “Paid Traffic” and “Visits with Conversions” or create new custom segments specific to you. Apply segments to current or historical data and compare segment performance side by side in reports.

Custom Reports: Create custom reports that present the information that you want to see organised in the way you want to see it. Selected metrics that you want and define multiple levels of sub-reports. Once created, each custom report is available for as long as you want it.

Fast Implementation: We place the Google Analytics tracking code into each of your website pages and tracking begins immediately.

Keyword and Campaign Comparison: Track and compare all your ads, email newsletters, affiliate campaigns, referrals, paid links and keywords on Google and other search engines.

Custom Reports: All the information you need on a custom Dashboard that you can email to others.

AdWords Integration: Buying keywords on Google AdWords and use Google Analytics to learn which keywords are most profitable to your business.

Internal Site Search: Find out how your visitors search your site, what they look for and where they end up.

Benchmarking: Find out whether your site usage metrics under-perform or out-perform those of your industry vertical. Opt-in benchmarking compares your key metrics against aggregate performance metrics while preserving the confidentiality of your data.

Trends: Compare time periods and select date ranges without losing sight of long-term trends.

E-Commerce Tracking: Trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, get loyalty and latency metrics and identify your revenue sources.

Funnel Visualisation: Find out which pages result in lost conversions and where your would-be customers go when they leave.

Email Reports: Scheduled personalised report emails that contain exactly the information that you want to see and use.

Geo-Targeting: Find out where your visitors come from and identify your most lucrative geographic markets.

We would recommend reporting be used on sites of more than 20 pages and run for a minimum of 3 months to get the best results.

We run reports monthly for customers please contact us for more information on how we can help you.