Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or Managment?

Social Media is an excellent way to build your brand and generate new business. But it does take a while to work and needs to be managed in an effective way that not only generates new business but also protects you and your brand.

Why use an outside company?

We look to work with you and your business, integrating the social networks that will work best for you into your exisitng web services.

Planning of a 3 month schedule as a general framework with which to build on and improve as we monitor responses.

All this will take time, and we know that anyone running a small business does not always have the time required to dedicate to this task.

Things you don’t want to be doing…

Use the wrong social networks, make sure that where you are signed up to it is the best place for you, you want to target communities that use or are likely to need your products/services.

Use mutiple logins, you will forget who you are and so will the community who will think you are tricking them and this will only create a negative view of you.

Don’t be negative or rude to members of a community if they don’t respond how you think they should, we are all entitled to an opinion right or wrong. Also if they give negative feedback which does happen when things don’t go right – we all make mistakes, try to resolve it, it will help you in the long wrong. Even a unhappy customer can refer other new business to you if you deal with them in the right way.

Don’t leave in the middle of a conversation, if you are interacting in forums or answering questions don’t just leave and not go back for weeks on end people will see that as a sign of not caring and bad service.

Don’t waste time duplicating content, create it once then refer to it with links, this will drive traffic to the source and open the opportunity to engage people further.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business with Social Netwoking – In the Right Way, please contact us we will be happy to help.